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Choosing The Right Car For An Aussie Road Trip

The Aussie Road trip is a rite of passage for kids, teenagers, and adults alike – picking a spot and hitting the wide-open road to get there.

aussie road trip

Whether it’s touring the “Big” things (think Banana, Merino, Pineapple), our natural wonders like Uluru, The Great Barrier Reef, or The Twelve Apostles, you will need the right car for your Aussie road trip. A cramped sub-compact is good for occasional trips to the shops, but after two or three hours in one, you’ll wish you splashed out on something bigger! So, here’s our guide to choose the right car for an Aussie road-trip.

Choosing The Right Car For An Aussie Road Trip

Where Are You Going?

Moreton Island, the Gold Coast, Big Red Sand Dune, Cradle Mountain; there’s no shortage of breathtaking spots to pick for your road trip. The first check on your list is figuring out where you’re going on the trip – and whether it requires a bit of off-roading or is over some of Australia’s unsealed roads. Some of Australia’s iconic road trips even call for cars that run well over sandy beaches or dirt roads. Smaller cars may not be able to handle it; as well as older vehicles with low power output. Let’s say we need an all-purpose vehicle that can handle the roads, light rocky areas, and unsealed roads. So what is the best option for such Aussie road trip?

What Cars Are Best For Your Trip?

Though the usual mid-size or larger sedans such as the bestselling Toyota Corolla will suffice for capital-to-capital drives, going off road may need extra space for supplies and stopovers. However, if you are planning to go off the beaten track, a station wagon may give you much needed space to carry tents and other accessories – as well as give you some space to lay down after a long drive too.

SUVs or 4WDs are more expensive but will grant you access to almost everywhere in Australia – even beaches and rivers. Campervans or Recreational Vehicles combine the best of caravans and trucks – but are quite expensive to buy, which is why considering available options for caravan loans and finance can make owning one more achievable. They will certainly come in handy as you literally drive your hotel around with you!

With the right car in mind, it’s easier to shop for accessories that fit it best. Car seat covers are perfect for road trips because they help keep seats clean and organised. Travelling in a clean car enhances the experience as it becomes your home away from home in a sense.

How To Finance Your Car (Without Spending Too Much)

Our natural instinct is to go to our bank for a loan – but resist this urge and make a car loan comparison with other lenders. Your bank may give you a standard loan that doesn’t suit your needs; looking at car loans with a car loan broker may help you find more competitive loans from a variety of lenders. If you already have cars in mind, you can use a car loan calculator to approximate your repayments. You need the loan term, interest rate (comparison rates preferred), and the amount you intend to borrow.

Remember Supplies & Accessories

Remember to factor in supplies for your Aussie road trip – that may mean camping equipment, food, water, independent GPS systems, spare tyres, flares, and first aid items – these may be crucial to your survival out in unpopulated areas. 4WDs may also need after-market accessories such as bull-bars, winches, floodlights, or air intake valves, which adds to the initial price of your vehicle.

Remember to stay safe out there on your Aussie road trip – and contact a financial adviser before taking out any kind of loan. Now get out there and enjoy this beautiful country and everything it has to offer!

It’s best to check an online guide from a professional when planning your first car purchase or visit a site like Prestige Cars Australia to compare prices.

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Shelley Whittaker

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