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Car vs Caravan: Which Is Best For Your Southern Queensland Road Trip?

Planning a road trip is an exciting endeavour, but choosing the right vehicle can be a challenge. Should you make do with just your car, or rent or buy a caravan to go with it? Both have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to comfort, convenience, flexibility and cost. This article examines the key factors of a car vs caravan to help you decide which option is best for your upcoming adventure.

car vs caravan

Pros & Cons of Car vs Caravan

Space and Comfort

A caravan provides much more living space than a car. Many modern models come fully equipped with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge area. This allows you to spread out and relax after a long day of driving. Travelling in a regular car means less room to move around and limited facilities. However, a car is easier to manoeuvre on the road and park at destinations. A caravan requires special driving skills and parking considerations.

When it comes to comfort, a caravan is designed for sleeping and extended stays. Expect a comfortable mattress, seating, climate control and entertainment system. Cars offer a familiar and cosy environment that is great for napping and shorter overnight stays. But a car lacks the spaciousness and home comforts of a caravan.


Travelling in a fully-equipped caravan allows you to be self-sufficient on the road. You can cook meals, shower and use the bathroom facilities at any stop. This convenience means more freedom and flexibility in your schedule. With a car, you are reliant on finding restaurants, hotels and public facilities. This may limit your route options, as you need to factor in points of access to essential amenities.

However, a car offers greater accessibility when driving and exploring on your trip. A caravan requires more cautious driving on narrow roads and is restricted at certain sites. Parking is also easier in a regular car. So in terms of convenience, each option has advantages and disadvantages based on your priorities.

Packing and Storage

When travelling by car, packing space is limited. You’ll need to carefully curate and pack just the essentials in the boot and cabin areas. This may require frequent repacking along the way to access items. Trying to squeeze in everything you need for an extended road trip can be like playing Tetris! Rummaging through a jam-packed boot multiple times a day for snacks, jumpers or camping gear can be frustrating too.

With a caravan, you get extensive storage capacity for clothing, food, outdoor gear and other supplies. Modern caravans have storage cabinets, pantries, wardrobes and specialised compartments so you can organise gear efficiently. You can comfortably pack everything you need for the entire trip and still have room to spare for impulse purchases along the way. Some travellers may be tempted to overpack given all that spacious storage, so restraint is advisable.

But all that packing space means a heavier load to tow. You’ll need to ensure your car is capable of managing the extra weight. Check your car’s towing capacity and get the right towing mirrors, lights and attachments fitted. You’ll also have to remember to stabilise and distribute weight properly within the caravan and not exceed maximum loads on axles. Loading up a car is quicker and simpler in comparison, albeit with less capacity. So consider how much storage you really need when weighing up your options.


Caravans allow flexibility in extending or shortening your road trip on the go. You have your own readymade accommodation that can park up overnight in a wide array of locations. This can be ideal when exploring the rugged rural world of Southern Queensland.  With a car, you are generally dependent on pre-booking hotels and campsites along a fixed route. Last minute changes to the itinerary are harder to coordinate.

That said, a caravan limits the access and driving routes available to you. Narrow country lanes and heavily forested areas may be inaccessible with a caravan in tow. A car gives you the freedom to be spontaneous and take any road you please. Weigh up this flexibility versus fixed route planning when deciding which is best for your needs.


For pet owners, a caravan can be a great choice for road tripping with the whole family, including your furry friends. Caravans provide space for pets to spread out comfortably. Travelling by car is a more restrictive experience for pets, as they can stretch out in your caravan when you pull over.

Of course, pets in a caravan mean more cleaning duties and noise considerations for fellow human travellers. Plus there are often restrictions concerning pets in national parks. For uncomplicated pet transportation from A to B, a car may work better.

Cost Comparisons

A caravan provides budget accommodation after the initial rental fee or purchase fee. No motels or dining out costs needed! Your fuel consumption will rise when towing a caravan, however. Overall, a caravan can work out cheaper for multi-week road trips if you take the opportunities to save.

Using your own car or renting a solo vehicle is often cheaper for shorter trips. While motel rooms add up over successive nights, it’s still reasonable for trips under two weeks.

Getting basic comprehensive car insurance from providers like ROLLiN’ Insurance is rather simple. When adding caravans into the equation, your insurance provider may not offer cover, or  may require you to purchase different policies to cover your caravan. Being fully covered while driving your caravan can run up the costs of your road trip considerably.

The Verdict

In summary, caravans provide more comfort, flexibility and self-sufficiency but require cautious driving and limit access. Cars are simpler to drive and navigate but offer less amenities. Each has pros and cons that will suit different road trip plans and travel styles. Focus on your key priorities like budget, route flexibility and facilities to decide if a family-sized caravan or compact car is the best fit. Then get packing and get excited for the memories you’ll make on the open roads of Southern Queensland!

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Shelley Whittaker

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