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3 Top Tips For Choosing Amazing Bedding

High-quality bedding is the main condition for sound sleep and joyful awakening. Properly selected bedding serves as a decoration for the bed, does not crumple, does not form folds, does not fall on the floor, conserves warmth in winter, and refreshes in summer. When buying bedding, consider not only the color and size of the product but also the material, style and quality.


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#1: Which Sheet Is Better To Buy – Classic or Stretch?

First things first, you need to choose a style. Not all bedding is created equal, but standards do exist. Depending on the cut, sheets of the following types are available:

  • Rectangular – classics of the genre! When making the bed, the edges of the fabric are folded under the mattress or hang freely; or
  • On an elastic band – an elastic band is sewn around the perimeter of the textile, securely fixing the sheet on the mattress.

Stretch sheets are easy to use and their advantages are obvious. They:

  • Do not get lost;
  • Can be put on the mattress with one light movement;
  • Do not have to be tucked in and corrected every day; and
  • Replace the mattress cover if necessary.

However, a stretch sheet is not suitable for all furniture. For example, it cannot be used on a sofa with armrests and a back or on a bed of a non-standard size. In this case, give preference to a regular sheet without elastic.

#2: How To Choose The Right Size Sheet?

The dimensions of bed linen are determined based on the dimensions of the bedroom furniture. If you purchase a sheet with an elastic band, its measurements should correspond to the length, width, and (for some models) thickness of the mattress. For a regular rectangular sheet, add a few centimeters to the fold.

Standard sheets are divided into the following size groups for easy selection:

  • Children (sizes vary from 70×140 to 120×160);
  • Single beds (100×200 – 140×200);
  • One and a half sleeping (150×200 – 230×250);
  • Double (180×210 – 240×260);
  • Euro size (200×240 – 240×280);
  • Family / duet (240×280 – 260×260); and
  • “King-size” – for very spacious “king” beds (260×280 – 280×320 cm).

For round mattress, it is possible to buy a special sheet with an elastic band (200 or 220 cm in diameter).

#3: The Fabric

Not only the appearance depends on the material, but also the service life, the rules for caring for the sheet, as well as your feelings during sleep. To decide which sheet is ideal for your bedroom, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the different properties of fabrics:

  • Silk and cotton fabrics are created from natural raw materials. They have a pleasant texture, allow the skin to breathe, and perfectly absorb moisture.
  • Sleep comfortably on a fleecy sheet such as flannel or terry cloth during winter.
  • Smooth, gliding fabrics create a cool feeling in the heat of summer.

If you are looking for a solution that is versatile for all seasons, you may be looking for practical linen or inexpensive synthetics.

Fabrics have properties that the buyer needs to know about in order to make the right choice. Let’s consider in more detail the main characteristics of different materials, and the perfect bedding option to make you feel at home.



Coarse calico sheets are a great option for every day. Thick and durable bedding looks attractive, is inexpensive, lasts a long time, without damage and can withstand 300 or more washes.

The benefits of a coarse calico sheet are:

  • Durability;
  • Does not fade or lose the brightness of colors;
  • Does not slip; and
  • Does not cause allergies.

The variety of colors allows you to choose coarse calico sheets that will suit almost any interior design styles in your home.


Knitwear is a highly stretchable, elastic fabric. Elasticated knitted sheets fit the mattress without wrinkling meaning they always look smart.

Advantages of cotton jersey bedding are:

  • Softness;
  • Hygroscopic;
  • Breathable;
  • Easy to wash in an automatic machine;
  • Do not deform; and
  • Dry quickly.

With delicate and hygienic bedding, the surface of the bed will always be neat, and sleep will be healthy and restful.


Satin textiles fit organically into the interiors of bedrooms as they look luxe and romantic. Satin is similar in many properties to silk.

The advantages of satin sheets include:

  • Density,
  • Wear-resistant, and
  • Bed linen made of this material is shiny, smooth, does not wrinkle and looks elegant.

Bedding sets made of natural cotton sateen are more popular than silk counterparts because sheets and duvet covers do not slip.  Plus, the price point is lower.  Having said that, silk is something magical!

Natural silk

Silk sheets are highly prized by lovers of luxury. Natural silk is one of the most mysterious and beautiful materials. Delicate touches of flowing fabric not only give a blissful feeling but also take care of the skin and rejuvenate the body.

Some of the advantages of silk bedding are:

  • The fabric “breathes” and perfectly absorbs moisture;
  • Its not electrified;
  • The structure of the silk fiber prevents the accumulation of dust and the growth of bacteria;
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • Does not wrinkle; and
  • With careful care it serves for many years.

Elite silk linen – plain or with an exquisite pattern – is suitable for special occasions (a gift for a wedding!) and for everyday use. Check bedspreads australia to find the best present for your nearest and dearest.


Terry products combine practicality and attractive appearance. Terry sheets made of cotton will surely appeal to those who like to soak up the warmth on a frosty morning or evening when the wind and rain are sweeping outside the windows.

The advantages of terry sheets are that they are:

  • Warm and soft;
  • Non-slip;
  • Absorb moisture;
  • Replace the blanket in warm weather; and
  • Durable.

The covering sheet will be a wonderful gift for a loved one or an original decoration of a small cozy bedroom.

When purchasing sheets and bedding, make your decision based on personal preference and the style of your home. Pay attention to the quality of the fabric, the brightness, durability of the color and the accuracy of the machine stitching. A good sheet should not continually fade after washing. Choose your bedding home textiles wisely, and the purchase will delight you for a long time.

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