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A Homeowner’s Guide To Decorating With Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor living spaces like patios or gazebos are an extension of your home. A place where you can spend significant time with your family and friends or entertain your guests. It’s only natural to decorate your outdoor living area to make the most out of it. One excellent home improvement project to enhance your outdoor living space is decorating with outdoor blinds.

decorating with outdoor blinds

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A Homeowner’s Guide To Decorating With Outdoor Blinds

Why use outdoor blinds?

With the rising popularity of bringing together your indoor and outdoor living spaces, using outdoor blinds helps get the perfect balance between the comfort of being in your home and the freedom of being outside.

One of the most important reasons to use outdoor blinds is to help cut down energy costs by keeping temperatures at a comfortable level during cold winters and hot summers. Studies show that adding outdoor blinds to a patio or gazebo can decrease energy consumption by about 60%. (1)

Aside from their ability to help save energy and reduce bills, installing outdoor blinds also comes with the following benefits, making them a great addition to any patio, porch, or gazebo:

  • Provides extra recreational space: Outdoor blinds provide shade over areas of the patio or gazebo that would otherwise be unusable if exposed to too much rain or shine.
  • Adds privacy: Outdoor blinds provide some degree of concealment, which means you’ll be able to enjoy some of your outdoor activities while staying safe from prying eyes.
  • Protects you from the elements: Outdoor blinds are the perfect solution if you live in an area prone to extreme changes and weather conditions. Damage and deterioration are some things you can’t avoid when nature strikes. However, outdoor blinds, such as awnings, help protect your windows, decks or patios, and walls from too much exposure.
  • Protects you from extreme UV rays: Too much exposure to UV rays can cause furniture to fade, and it can cause skin-related issues for people. Outdoor blinds help reduce UV exposure by reducing the amount of UV light that passes through them.

How to decorate with outdoor blinds?

decorating with outdoor blinds

With so many practical benefits that come with it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t include getting outdoor blinds as part of enhancing your outdoor living space. If you’re planning to use outdoor blinds to decorate your home, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Identify the dimensions and specifications you need

The first thing you need to get your home improvement project rolling is identifying and listing the specifics of the area you’re planning to decorate. For example, if you intend to use the blinds on a specific set of windows, you need to get the dimensions of the windows first. When measuring external-mounted blinds, your measurements should account for the window frame. 

If you’re using an outdoor retractable awning for your outdoor patio, you need to add a clearance of at least four inches on either side. For example, if the size of the window or door where you’re hanging the awning is 50”, adding 4” to each side gives you a 58” awning width. (2)

Consider your personal style

Your home reflects your personality. It means different personalities demand different styles. Whether you want your space to look casual, comfy, or chic, there’s always something to suit your personality.

You may try bold colors for fun and happy vibes or a dramatic ambiance. If you want a neutral or earthy feel, go for subtle hues. Moreover, if you’re the type that prefers a sleek design, there are cordless and streamlined designs perfect for you.

Keep it minimal (for the minimalists)

Your outdoor space is already a beautiful and stylish addition to your house. The use of outdoor blinds is to cover and accentuate your outdoor living space, so you can keep it simple to highlight the area’s features rather than over-designing it.

When it comes to style and sophistication, simplicity is key. A simple look makes your home appear more luxurious. Simplicity might be a fantastic idea. However, attaining it isn’t an easy job because there’s a risk of ending up being too dull instead of achieving a clean look

Here are some outdoor blinds that experts suggest to achieve that minimalistic and enjoyable outdoors you desire:

Roll-up blinds

Roll-up blinds are versatile and efficient outdoor coverings that create stunning outdoor living areas. Their style and versatility enhance the comfort and function of your outdoor space while maintaining its beauty.

During extreme weather, they block the hot winds or cold air to make you feel comfortable even when outside your home. They also function as good insulators, making your home more energy-efficient. 

Roll-up blinds add a peculiar yet simple touch of class to your outdoor living area whether it’s rolled-up or lowered. Moreover, they provide the privacy you desire to enjoy your afternoon siesta or quiet evening outside.

Solar blinds

Solar blinds are a type of outdoor covering mounted on outdoor spaces, such as covered patios or decks, to provide extra shade to the area. These blinds bring extensive comfort to your home extension while maintaining privacy, insulation, and immense light control.

The woven materials that make up solar shades block the light that enters the area they cover, eliminating glare and preserving your outdoor furniture. The principle here is that the tighter the weave, the lesser light it allows to enter any room or area. (3)

Most home designers rate solar shades highly because they come in a wide range of fabrics, styles, and colors that can match any outdoor space.

Automatic or motorised blinds

Aside from the minimalistic impressions they bring, automatic blinds don’t have any dangling cords, giving your area a sleek and cleaner design. Automatic blinds also make your outdoor space luxurious because you can operate them using a remote control. 

Go for dynamic textures

If you’re the fancy type of homeowner who wants a more traditional-looking outdoor space, blinds with more dynamic textures might be the perfect option for you.

Outdoor blinds are a practical investment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun when decorating with them. You might want to go for a set of blinds that make a statement or emphasize your outdoor design. 

To maintain the cohesiveness in your outdoor living room, choose a print that looks similar to the patterns or textures in your outdoor living space. 

When aiming for a dynamic space, don’t be afraid to mix and match different outdoor blinds and take advantage of everything in your living space that you can match with with them. When you choose delicate patterns under the same color scheme, you create a fun, statement-making, and eye-catching space outdoors.

Do not hesitate to accessorise

Although going minimal is a good option when decorating your home, you can never go wrong with spicing up your outdoor living space with little accessories for more accentuation and adding more life to the area.

Add plants

Adding greens enhances color and brings vibrance around the perimeter where your blinds are installed. If you don’t want them to take up too much space, you may opt for hanging plants or ferns.

Creeping plants are also perfect for enhancing the beauty of the area. They bring you closer to nature and provide you with cleaner air whenever you hang around your patio or deck.

Use paint

Outdoor blinds don’t just stand still; they move along when the wind blows. They’ll look flowy or wavy, depending on the how windy it is. Instead of them keeping them dull, you can splash a bit of life to highlight the effect. 

Don’t over-paint. Instead, use simple designs, such as complete circles, semi-circles, polka dots, or even curvy patterns to look more beautiful.

However, you need to be careful when painting your blinds because not all paint goes well with all types of fabric or material. Check for compatibility first, and make sure to use water-based paint so you can wash them easily. 

Add lighting

You can’t go wrong with pairing a good set of outdoor blinds with the right lighting options. Aside from making it possible to enjoy your outdoor space during nighttime, the right combination of blinds and lighting can help create relaxing ambiance.

You may choose LED lights producing warm light which aren’t too harsh on the eyes but still allow you to see what’s around. Wall lanterns or lamps are also a good option to enhance various spaces where your outdoor blinds are installed such as your garden, or your terrace.

Where to use outdoor blinds best?

Outdoor blinds are quite versatile; you can use them almost anywhere. However, most homeowners would want to have them installed in the following areas:

  • Al Fresco dining area
  • Patio
  • Deck
  • Garden
  • Gazebo
  • Screened porch
  • Courtyard
  • Pool

Final thoughts

When decorating your property, a little bit of innovation and the proper treatment for your windows can make a world of difference. With the right outdoor blinds, you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round in comfort and style without worrying about the weather.


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