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10 Summer Destinations in Perth for an Unforgettable Experience

Hidden in the great country of the Land Down Under is Perth, a sun-kissed urban metropolis with grimy street art and heritable buildings. Perth has state-of-the-art museums, iconic rivers, serene blue ocean beaches, parks, deserts, and more. So, what are the unmissable destinations in Perth during your visit?

destinations in Perth
Geordie Bay, Rottnest Island

You can visit and of these incredible destinations by hiring a vehicle on your trip, getting a cab, or hiring a bus. You could visit more than one of these places in a day with reliable transportation, so why catch a cab when you could go via a party bus in Perth? This summer, make your road trip special and unforgettable by visiting the 10 destinations below.

10 Unmissable Summer Destinations in Perth

#1: Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a large public park that overlooks the Swan River and Perth city’s skyline. This is a great place to visit during the summer as it’s home to a wide variety of plant life, with over 3,000 species of Western Australian flowers.

And if you have family and friends with you, why catch a cab when you could go party bus in Perth?  With the best party bus Perth has to offer, your group can have fun on the way there.

You can also walk along the pavements and enjoy this rich cultural heritage site. It’s also one of the world’s largest inner-city parks. Plus,  it’s a great place to start your road trip journey.

#2: The Perth Mint

Consider visiting the Perth Mint next after visiting the Kings Park and Botanic Garden. It’s a tourist destination and a must-visit since it’s Australia’s oldest operating mint. It was founded back in 1899 to mint gold for the British Empire.

Today, it produces many gold, platinum, and silver coins and bars. You can enjoy world-class exhibition halls here, learn the history of Western Australian gold, and experience the magic of gold yourself.

And it’s here where you can discover a wide selection of jewellery—or sell your own! It’s an excellent place to visit, even on days when the weather is harsh, since it’s properly ventilated.

#3: Cottesloe Beach

After touring The Perth Mint, consider driving up to Cottesloe Beach, located in the suburb of Cottesloe, Perth, Western Australia. You can spend the night here and dive into the clear blue waters of this white sandy beach. It’s best to arrive at the beach before the sun sets because this location is known for its beautiful sunsets.

When the sun starts to set, consider taking a night’s rest here and enjoy the sounds of the waves and the scenery as you sleep. Spending the night here means you can gaze upon the stars at the beach while listening to the calming waves. You can also experience night swimming here.

Cottesloe Beach is a must-visit place during the summer for swimming, surfing, and other water sports.  It’s a great place to relax, unwind, and destress. Also, there’s plenty of space for beach games, picnics, and drinking by the beach around a campfire.

So, be sure to pack your swimming attire this summer since nothing says summer more than a trip to the beach.

#4: Perth Zoo

The Perth Zoo is home to various animals, native and exotic species alike. It’s a popular attraction that’s located in South Perth, which you can drive to after a night at the Cottesloe beach. Perth Zoo is known for its research and conservation efforts. It boasts 17 hectares of land and is home to over 1,200 animals of over 150 species.

#5: Hillarys Boat Harbour

Another item to add to your road trip destinations is Hillarys Boat Harbour. It’s located north of Perth and is a popular marina and tourist location. It’s an excellent spot to visit during the summer due to the beautiful bodies of water, the wide range of recreational activities, and various dining options.

#6: AQWA

After visiting the Hillarys Boat Harbour, you can also visit the AQWA or the Aquarium of Western Australia in Hillarys, Perth, Western Australia. It’s an aquarium built in 1988 that’s home to over 400 marine life species from Western Australia. It’s also home to some foreign marine life. It includes fishes, sharks, rays, and many more. It’s also an interactive exhibit where visitors can touch a pool full of friendly marine animals. You would surely feel cool in this place as you’re surrounded by water.

#7: Swan Bell Tower

This destination is a distinctive landmark, and it’s located on the banks of Swan River. It’s also in the central business district, near the Barrack Street Jetty. It houses a collection of 18 Swan Bells. Plus, there’s a museum and a viewing platform showing the beauty of the area.

#8: Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA)

Another museum you should add to your list is the Art Gallery of Western Australia. It showcases the state’s premier visual arts and a vast collection of artwork from Western Australia and around the globe, not just Perth. It houses over 18,000 artworks that range from historical to contemporary pieces.

#9: John Forrest National Park

This is a protected national park that was named after Sir John Forrest, who was the first Premier of Western Australia. It’s home to many animals, plant life, and even threatened species. The John Forrest National Park has many walking trails, e.g., Heritage Trail, and waterfalls that would make anyone feel relaxed during the summer.

#10: Aviation Heritage Museum

Located in Bull Creek, Perth, Western Australia, the Aviation Heritage Museum showcases and displays the aviation history of Western Australia, housing numerous aircraft and other aviation-related artefacts. In this museum, you can view military planes, helicopters, civilian places, and many more. So, if you’re an aviation geek, don’t miss this stop!

Final Thoughts…

Along with Sydney and Melbourne, Perth is one of the top choices for a getaway. It has everything for everyone: museums for the artists, stunning sunsets along the beaches for nature lovers, and a laid-back atmosphere for those who just want to destress during the holidays.

Indeed, Perth is an excellent location for those who want a revitalising and slower-paced vacation. Visit the most scenic sights mentioned above and spend your days in awe of Perth’s incredible sights.

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Shelley Whittaker

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