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Exercise After Childbirth – Everything You Need to Know

So you’ve had the baby, and now it’s time to get back in shape. Exercise is an essential part of recovery after childbirth. Still, it can be challenging to know what exercises are safe and when you should start to exercise after childbirth. With that in mind, here are some general tips and suggestions of how to get started.

exercise after childbirth

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Rather Be Safe Than Sorry

Doing exercise after childbirth is a good idea because it helps to regain your strength post pregnancy. Still, there are some things you should know about doing exercise after childbirth before trying anything. For example, if your doctor has told you not to do any strenuous activities or lift weights, then don’t attempt either of those until they give their approval.

Also, regardless of whether you gave birth naturally or by c-section, your body will still need time to heal and recuperate from what it just went through. So don’t expect that because somebody else bounced back in no time that you will do the same thing. The same applies to other procedures you might go through, like tubal ligation. Give your body a break – you will find your new normal in due course.


Now let’s talk about which exercises are good for doing after childbirth. It would be best if these exercises are done with someone who understands how pregnancy can affect the body.  This way they can offer advice on things such as how much weight should be lifted during specific workouts as well as when it is too soon to attempt something new.  Here are some great options for exercise after childbirth.


Squats are an excellent option to get started.  Whilst they may cause some discomfort and muscle soreness at first, keep practising until it doesn’t hurt anymore. The benefits are totally worth it!


Gentle weights are also great to help strengthen your body. Start with smaller weights and slowly build up the weights over time.

Calf Raises

Calf raises on a step box can also be very beneficial because it helps strengthen your muscles which means less chance of injury later down the road.


A postnatal Pilates class is an excellent option to get back into exercise after childbirth. These classes are gentle and designed to help strengthen areas that may have weakened during and after pregnancy.  They can also be a great way to make new mum friends!

Danger Zone

Exercises to avoid after childbirth include anything where someone has to take all of their weight, such as heavy squats, lunges, or deadlifts. There is a possibility that it might hurt you due to the position of your body while these types of exercises are being done.

The same goes for any kind of weight lifting that involves putting all your weight on one foot. For example, single-leg calf raises or even regular calf raises with only one limb supporting you during the exercise. This can bring about a significant amount of strain on your recovering body, so keep those exercises out of your routine until further notice.

Other Exercise Activities

You can do many other less pressured exercises if you want to dip your toe back into the fitness world. These include anything from walking, kegel exercises, stretching, yoga and swimming.

Don’t forget that when doing any post-pregnancy workout that if something hurts, then don’t do it! Always talk to a qualified fitness professional about exercise after childbirth. They can offer advice to help keep you safe and out of harm’s way while exercising again after childbirth.

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