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3 Expert Ways To Explore Tasmania

Tasmania is one of the most beautiful islands on Earth, and you should definitely find an opportunity to visit. To explore Tasmania like an expert needn’t be difficult, as there are so many wonderful sights to see and so much food to taste! If you’re about to head out on a Tasmanian getaway, then read on to uncover some of the best travel ideas to ensure that you make it an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. 

explore Tasmania

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#1: Find The Perfect Place To Stay 

Finding the perfect place to stay will have a massive impact when you explore Tasmania, as you need to locate the most suitable accommodation for your unique wants and needs. Ask yourself a few basic questions, starting off with:

  • What kind of landscape and surroundings do you think you might prefer; and
  • Do you like sandy beaches or rugged mountains?

Next, consider what kind of accommodation you would prefer? Do you like:

  • Your own private space in a rented apartment, or
  • Hotels that offer a more attentive service?

Tasmania offers some amazing places to stay, so do some online research with your answers in mind so that you can locate the best accommodation to suit your travel preferences.  

#2: Book Amazing Excursions 

Filling your days with fun should be your next priority when planning to explore Tasmania, as you need to make the most of every minute that you spend on your trip! There are so many amazing activities and excursions that you can arrange and book, from stunning cruises that explore the local waterways to vineyard tours and delicious wine tasting events. You’re guaranteed to find something you love on the island.

Don’t forget, it’s always best to try and book any activities or excursions in advance where possible, as you don’t want to be met with disappointment if you can’t get tickets or access on arrival.

#3: Try The Tasty Cuisine

Tasmania is known globally for its tasty cuisine, and there are many national dishes that you just have to try on your visit. Though Tasmania may be small it is most definitely mighty, as it’s the world’s biggest supplier of abalone. Trying wild abalone has to be on your bucket list, so be sure to find a Tasmanian sea food restaurant that offers fresh local dishes.

Rich black truffles are also a very popular food in Tasmania, and a number of different dishes include the ingredient from pasta to chicken. Furthermore, Tasmanians have a passion for organic foods and sustainable farming, so you can expect to find lots of good quality, delicious food that’s received the utmost care and attention from field to fork. 

To explore Tasmania like a pro has never been so simple. Be sure to use some of the brilliant tips and recommendations detailed above and you are guaranteed to have a fantastic adventure. There’s no time like the present to plan the perfect vacation to the beautiful Australian island of Tasmania, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and jet off to one of the most memorable locations in the world.

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