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The Best Family Friendly Ski Resorts In France You Should Visit this Winter

If you are looking for the best family friendly ski resorts in France, then you are in the right place. Winter is finally here and it’s probably one of the most amazing seasons for traveling and visiting new destinations worldwide. Actually, there are many amazing winter destinations worldwide for a winter getaway, especially during Christmas.

family friendly ski resorts in france

Needless to say that Christmas and winter are the best time of the year for skiing and spending beautiful moments with your family. The good news is that you can combine a ski break while spending time with the people you love the most. How, I hear you ask? Organizing a ski break somewhere in Europe with your family is the best thing you can do exactly that, this winter. Where? In France. Why? There you will find the best family-friendly ski resorts for having the greatest time of your life.

Keep reading below and discover more about the best family-friendly ski resorts around the French Alps.

The Best Family Friendly Ski Resorts In France

#1: Avoriaz

First of all, one of the most amazing ski resorts in France is Avoriaz. This resort is actually amazing to visit with your family because there are many exciting activities that you can enjoy together, in addition to skiing. Moreover, another thing that makes this place so special, is that the main town is car-free, so it’s totally safe for kids to walk around and be amazed by the charming town. Also, your children will love the opportunity of using horses for the commute. Therefore, if you are interested in visiting this resort with your family this winter, you can take a look at Erna Low to find the best accommodation option according to your needs and budget.

#2: Courchevel

Another very beautiful destination you should visit with your family this winter is Courchevel. What makes this place so special? Besides the amazing ski opportunities around the place, it’s a very chic and beautiful destination that you and your family will love. Courchevel is the largest ski area in the world and it’s ideal for families with little children. It’s actually combined by 5 villages that are linked via pistes and lifts. Needless to say that this place offers ski opportunities for every ski level, from beginner to professional skiers.

#3: La Plagne

Last but not least, another amazing ski resort you should visit with your family in France is La Plagne. This place is perfect if you are looking for a value-for-money ski resort where you will be able to enjoy skiing and snowboarding with your family. The resort is mainly for pedestrians and not for cars, so you will feel safer with your kids walking around the resort.

Also, the zones and some of the pistes are the perfect places for kids to make their first turns. It’s worth mentioning that around the place there are 16 nurseries for your little kids, in order to hit the slopes carefree, while your children will have fun. Of course, after hitting the slopes you can enjoy a nice family dinner at one of the best restaurants in the resort.

We hope you have enjoyed this post with the 3 best family friendly ski resorts in France. Where will you and your family be heading this winter?

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