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The Best Holiday Destinations for Single Parent Families

Ever wondered what the best holiday destinations for single parents are? Planning a great family holiday can be tricky since you need to find something that appeals to kids, who can sometimes be picky. So, it can be even more of a challenge if you are a single parent trying to find the perfect destination for a vacation. But as the number of single parents going on holiday with the kids increases, more and more destinations are offering a range of holidays that cater to single-parent families.

holiday destinations for single parents

With that in mind, here are the best holiday destinations for single-parent families so you can start your planning now!

5 Best Holiday Destinations for Single Parents

#1: Vietnam 

Families of all kinds will surely fall in love with Vietnam, given its delicious foods, lush scenery, and warm, friendly locals. You and your kids can sail along the stunning Halong Bay, watch water puppet shows, and visit historical sites and local villages.

But planning a luxury Vietnam trip with your kids can be tricky. So, to make your holiday hassle-free, consider using a company that can create a tailored tour itinerary for you and your kids. The tour will include attractions and activities depending on your needs and preferences, making it one of the ideal holiday destinations for single parents.

#2: Mexico

Mexico is a great country to travel to with your kids. The Mexican culture is very family-oriented, and the locals will welcome you and your kids with open arms. There are also plenty of attractions, especially if you visit Mexico in January when the season is low and activities safe enough for your little kids.

The Riviera Maya is an obvious choice for families, as it has family-friendly beaches, nature parks, and archaeological sites. Mexico City is also a good option for families. The city is home to fantastic museums, parks, and other interesting places to delight your curious kids.

#3: Barbados 

Given its wide variety of water sports activities, it’s no wonder why families love Barbados. From snorkelling to jet skiing and catamaran cruises, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy in Barbados.

There are facilities for surfing and boogie boarding, ideal for older kids who want to experience the adrenaline rush. Meanwhile, the little kids can play and swim in the calmer seas of the west while the parent soaks in the sun!

#4: The Galapagos Islands

Given its abundance of wildlife, underwater adventures, and family-friendly cruises, Galapagos offers the perfect chance to disconnect from technology and spend some quality time with the family while discovering the wonders of the natural world.

The real highlight of your family holiday in the Galapagos will be visiting the tortoise sanctuary on the island of Santa Cruz. Your kids will surely have a blast seeing the giant tortoises up close. There are also empty tortoise shells where kids can climb and take pictures as souvenirs!

#5: The Maldives 

With its crystal-clear lagoons, colourful corals, and clean beaches, the Maldives is not only a destination for a honeymoon but also for families with kids. If your kids are into snorkelling, you should definitely take them on a luxurious Maldives getaway. Several islands have house reefs with shallow lagoons where your kids can safely enjoy snorkelling.

The other activities you can enjoy in the Maldives with your kids are going on a dolphin watching cruise, picnic by the sand, submarine tour, and going on banana boat rides. The best part is that the Maldives has plenty of accommodations that cater to families. Why not stay in an all-inclusive luxury resorts that offer packages including meals and family-friendly activities.

Being a single parent doesn’t have to limit the holidays you enjoy as a family. The possibilities are end so get out there now and enjoy exploring the world with your kids!

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