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How To Make Passive Income As A Graphic Designer

Nowadays, everyone is wondering how to make passive income online. When it comes to earning an income, someone might start their own business, another might go to work for other people, and some prefer to receive money without extra effort. This can be done with passive income. So how can you create passive income if you are a web designer?  Keep reading to find out how.

how to make passive income as a graphic designer

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What is the passive income potential of a graphic designer?

Skilled web designers looking to generate passive income are now in a pretty advantageous position. As more and more companies enter the Internet market, the work of web developers, including designers, becomes more and more in demand. Consequently, there are many different opportunities for passive income. Let’s say you are a graphic designer and you have a project that you want to sell. A  resource such as Master Bundles – premium graphic design resources, can give you the opportunity to sell your production with very favorable terms.

Hurry up to make more money if you are a graphic designer

There are a number of opportunities that can bring you additional profits, and considerable ones at that. And you don’t even have to spend a huge amount of energy and time on it, at least not as much as on typical design orders. The modern web provides a large variety of ideas and platforms that can bring additional income without much time and effort. Lets take a further look at these platforms:

  • Master Bundles
  • Template Monster
  • Envato Market
  • Creative Market
  • Design Cuts
  • Fiverr
  • Designhill
  • Zazzle
  • My Fonts
  • Design by Humans
  • Society6
  • Inprnt

Master Bundles

How to make passive income

A flawless design doesn’t have to be expensive – the MasterBundles team is convinced of this. They sell bundles of fonts, stock photos, and presentations for less than buying each product individually.

MasterBundles offers designers the following benefits:

  • additional income;
  • the ability to analyze market demand;
  • a platform for creating your own portfolio;
  • support of service managers: from registration to selection of relevant topics.

Template Monster

How to make passive income

Selling ready-made web designs, templates, and themes on marketplaces is one of the most common and profitable ways for a designer to passively earn money. You can make the most of your creativity to create something truly unique and appealing to potential buyers. It should be noted that it is not at all necessary to create a dozen different themes: it is enough to come up with just one, but a good one. Think about what you yourself would agree to buy.

On the TemplateMonster platform, you can post the maximum number of works in categories such as WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, and many others. If you create unique graphics, you can also upload them for sale on the marketplace.

One of the biggest benefits of TemplateMonster is that the creator is free to quote prices for their products. Using the recommendations from the marketplace, the author himself decides at what cost to attract a potential buyer. Depending on the type of product and category, prices range from $2 to $180 and up per unit.

But, as they say, you can increase your earnings with TemplateMonster not at a single price. The success of a creator depends on the uniqueness and creativity of his product. The more “goodies” he provides to the client, the greater the likelihood that a person will want to put the product in the basket. 

The marketplace currently includes more than 63,000 products from different categories. WordPress templates and themes are expected to be the most popular among buyers. The platform is quite simply organized and they provide an opportunity to find the necessary products using advanced search and filters located in the side panel of the site.

Envato Market

How to make passive income

EnvatoMarket is another resource for additional passive income for a designer. The selection of products here is not yet as wide as at TemplateMonster. The main focus is on WordPress and HTML templates, graphics, photos, 3D files, as well as audio and video work. EnvatoMarket offers over 50,000 templates that are compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and HTML, which are applicable for a wide range of purposes, including blogs, online shopping, portfolios, resumes, and more.

The marketplace stands out from the rest of the sites for its fairly affordable prices—from $2 to $65 per unit on average. It also allows creators to independently set prices for products and simultaneously sell works under an exclusive and non-exclusive stamp. The amount that authors pay to the platform is 55% or more for a non-exclusive product and from 12% to 37% for an exclusive one.

EnvatoMarket is an English-language resource, but there are a fair number of articles on the web that discuss how to become an author and start selling on the platform. Before your work is published on the marketplace, you need to be verified by moderators. Your product may be rejected with a request to correct errors or without giving reasons and without the ability to re-download the product.

Creative Market

How to make passive income

The site offers a wide range of graphic designs, icons, 3D images, logos, brochures, and other elements. Creative Market is best suited for creative graphic designers.

If you focus on the development of templates for sites, then this platform has a rather meager selection of products of this type. Prices for different types of products range from $2 to $400 and up. The author’s commission on sales is 15%.

Design Cuts

How to make passive income

Design Cuts is a community of creative designers who earn 20% commission on the sale of graphics, mockups, social media page templates, fonts, and more. You will not find templates and themes for websites here. The main focus is creativity. If you are a creative designer, join and sell your products on the site. With regards to the platform’s pricing policy, the cost of the products is affordable. Here you can download one unit of goods between $3 and $150.


How to make passive income

Initially, the platform was launched as a resource for freelancers and designers who could get inspiration, download ready-made graphic designs, and more recently, start selling their work. Fiverr takes a $1 (or 20%) commission on every $5 sale.


How to make passive income

DesignHill is another popular source of passive income for designers. The site always takes a flat 5% commission on each sale, while the platform sets fairly affordable prices for goods, from $2 to $25. DesignHill is known for its wide selection of unique graphic designs, designed by authors from around the world. Each author can independently indicate the retail value of their work, thereby keeping passive income under control.


How to make passive income

Zazzle is a unified platform that brings together clients, designers, brands, and independent professionals. The platform provides an opportunity to sell your design on the Internet to a wide audience. You can run your online store for free and use high quality tools from Zazzle. You can also sell your own products and receive 15% per sale plus up to 17% bonus on total sales.

My Fonts

How to make passive income

Fond of fonts and have your own collection of unique designs? MyFonts is the perfect platform for you. Here you can upload your unique font designs and capitalize on your hobby. The site charges a commission of 20% of the price at which each product is sold. MyFonts sells fonts for $25 and up.

If you really enjoy creating font designs, check out how to sell fonts for a thorough understanding of this topic.

Design by Humans

How to make passive income

Design By Humans is a community of over 15,000 designers who upload their creative work to the resource and earn votes for the most impressive designs. The works that received the most votes are sent to print. Join the community and promote your designs. Here you will receive a commission for every sale you make, from $3 for T-shirts to $8 for art prints.


How to make passive income

Earn your talent selling designs on Society6. Join a thriving community of artists, designers, and art enthusiasts, bringing art to people’s daily lives. Original works from creators of all stripes are appreciated here, from artists to illustrators, photographers, pattern designers, and everything else. Society pays 10% of each sale. The average cost of one unit of goods is $20 to $40.


How to make passive income

The platform’s mission is to help artists spend more time doing what they love—express their creativity. Create designs in a wide variety of styles, themes, and stories and sell them on INPRNT. Create an account with this modern gallery and start uploading your best work. Once approved, you can showcase your talent to the world. You earn 50% of every sale, on average $10 per unit.

Do not doubt that passive income is the right way to go

There are many ideas for how to make passive income for a designer. If you still haven’t started selling your work on marketplaces and specialized resources, now is the best time to take the first step. Register on the sites that we discussed above, upload your work, and increase your income. Passive income is a godsend for a designer. Try it and you won’t be able to stop.

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