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3 Important Habits to Teach Toddlers

From a young age, your child will probably attend some type of early education, whether it’s kindergarten or some type of play school. Child care and Kindergarten is good for kids, it helps them grow and learn at an early age. However, there are also some important habits to teach toddlers at home.

A regular routine of activities should be maintained that includes a set time for proper hygiene habits: brushing teeth before bed, washing hands after toilets, etc. Consistency in this requirement must be maintained and its imperative that you also set a good personal example for the child.  So, lets take a look at 3 important habits to teach toddlers.

Habits to teach toddlers

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#1: Oral Hygiene

Many children show hypersensitivity in the mouth area that can manifest in different ways.  From the inability to tolerate irritation in the area to the constant search for mouth irritations. In these cases it is advisable to consult a professional.

Furthermore, the activity of brushing teeth should be taught in stages. The mouth is a particularly sensitive and personal area and using a toothbrush can be very unpleasant for the child. In the first stage it is recommended that the parent performs the activity for the child in their possession and gently, standing behind them, in front of a mirror.

When you are confident the child is capable of brushing their own teeth, they should do so in front of a mirror and wipe their mouth for themselves – this way they see the mess that they have made! This also helps guide them and assist with their motor skills. Don’t rush to do things for them.

#2: Combing Their Own Hair

When a child can learn to look after themselves, it is a very positive step. Brushing their hair isn’t an easy task but is one of the good habits to teach toddlers.  It requires a lot of motor function and skill. Teach them on a doll first and get them to try it out too. Then they can progress to learning how to brush their own hair.

A generous amount of hair conditioner, does wonders for kids with knotty hair or thicker hair.  There are brushes and combs in many different textures and suitable for little hands, so it is advisable to shop around. Make sure that the brush/comb you use is suitable (not painful for the child, but still effective). As with teeth brushing, teach the child to start combing their hair in front of a mirror and provide tips if they don’t do it correctly.

They should be taught to distinguish between “messy” hair and combed hair and this way they can always feel confident in themselves and appreciate what is smart, especially at school.

#3: Safety First

Another one of the habits to teach toddlers is safety first! Allow the child to make a mistake in a safe environment, say perhaps at home. Children learn from their mistakes and it is not always helpful to be an overprotective parent. However, there is no reason to allow a child to fail again and again if they repeat the same mistakes.  Make sure the lessons learnt are educational and meaningful to them.

When your child commits a dangerous act, explain to them the consequences of that act. Many times children know “what not to do,” but they do it over and over again because they do not understand the risks. Explain to your children how to avoid danger and provide them with possible alternatives for safe execution.  For example, when you want to take an object from a high shelf, you can ask an adult for help instead of trying to climb and take it alone.  Otherwise, they risk falling and injuring themselves.

In terms of your home environment, try to adapt it to your child where possible. Try to avoid obstacles as much as possible and hide objects that could endanger the safety of the child.

We hope these few tips have helped you to understand some of the important habits to teach toddlers.  Of course your little ones are constantly learning from you about everything in life, from potty training to eating well to how to behave respectfully.  So, it is important to instill these good habits from an early age.

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Shelley Whittaker

Shelley Whittaker

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