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Minimalistic Clothes Customization ~ 3 Simple & Impressive Ideas

Your clothing can make you stand out in a crowd – so have you ever consider doing your own minimalistic clothes customization? Even the most simple designs can give way to unique T shirts that will make a long-lasting impression on friends, family, and strangers!

Minimalistic Clothes Customization

With so many online software and clothing websites that can give birth to your design ideas, it’s easier than ever to make your own minimalistic clothes customization. Here are some simple, minimalistic clothes customization ideas that will highlight your wardrobe!

Top 3 Tips on Creating Minimalistic Clothes Customization

#1: Choose a Text

If you want to add simple text to customize your clothing, you should first choose the proper font, size, and colors. Too often, we see big images on T-shirts or text bulks that are just easier to ignore than analyze.

However, minimalistic customization of a shorter text or even initials might grab more attention. And, even if you don’t want that attention, it will still make you feel good while wearing your unique clothes and combat fast fashion.

Your text might be a quote from a movie, book, the name of your zodiac sign, initials, or you can just combine letters with numbers to create ciphered words to make an impression. You can even write something like ‘Designer Bo$$’ on your T-shirt and have some good laughs with friends and family.

#2: A Simple Drawing

Are you good at drawing? You can easily design some minimalistic drawings to print on your T-shirt. Some people even randomly let their imagination loose on their tablets while drawing and create some exciting and simple drawings that would otherwise look great on their clothes.

Even if you’re not good at drawing, try drawing a portrait of your pet! You not only get to brag about your little furry companion to everyone you know, but you also have a unique minimalist T-shirt that will grab everyone’s attention.

#3: Create a Symbol

It’s so easy to create a unique symbol to customize your clothes. With so much design maker software available on the web, there is little that you can’t do nowadays. The symbol you want to be imprinted on your T-shirt doesn’t have to be too complex. Keep it simple yet effective.

You can create a symbol of an animal, plant, machine, or any other thing you can think of. The best part is that you can place the symbol just about anywhere on your customized clothes. From the back to the sleeves or right on front!

Drawing symbols is simple and easy, but when you decide to imprint those symbols on a piece of clothing, it can result in some fantastic creations.

Benefits of Minimalistic Clothes Customization

Minimalistic clothing and customization are pretty trendy nowadays. You don’t need to add many elements to your customization to make it stand out yet still be unique. The best part about customization is that you can select your fabrics, size, and of course, design.

Quality is almost entirely under your control, and there are various printing websites out there that can help you out. If you’ve got an awesome idea about minimalistic customization, you could even sell it!

It all depends on your imagination and how the public reacts to it. Add a unique piece of clothing to your wardrobe through customization, and let it shine! And who knows, you may even be able to create a business out of it as well.

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