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Why A Private Dentist Is The Best Choice

Choosing a dental practice can be time-consuming, and it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each. Some use public-funded dental surgeries while some opt for a private dentist. It is worthwhile knowing the main differences between the two and why you may want to choose a private surgery. With that being said, read on to discover more.

Private Dentist

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Private Dentists Have More Scope

At first glance, public and private dental surgeries do not really have a big difference between them. In most cases, they offer the same treatments, and the dentists may have the same qualifications in both. But at a deeper level, the main differences really start to show up.

A lot of dentists that are working in the private sector open their own practices. Private dentists are less limited in their work, and can use a larger variety of higher quality, albeit more expensive, materials that can benefit you and your health. The best example is the choice of white amalgam, dark grey amalgam and silver coating for your teeth. Private dental surgeries can stock a lot of different materials and you have the ultimate choice. 

Cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening and regular hygiene upkeep such as teeth cleaning are more extensively covered in private dental practice and the overall variety of options on offer is far greater in private practice. 

Quicker in Emergency Situations

It is important to note that in emergency situations, private dentist surgeries respond faster than the ones in the public sector. Private dentists boast fast response times even in less urgent times, as the waiting list is considerably shorter. With that comes the benefit of receiving better treatment and care, as the team of nurses and doctors do not have to spread themselves thin trying to accustom to the needs of a large number of patients. You can take a look at to get a good idea of a dental clinic offering an excellent level of care.

As we all know there are situations where dental treatment might be needed urgently and the long waiting times of a public dental practice can sometimes have unfortunate implications when dental problems need immediate attention. Private clinics can offer immediate appointments around the clock in a way not possible with a non-private dentist so that you will have quick pain relief and any operations provided by an on-hand team of dedicated specialists.

Public Dentists May Have Long Waiting Lists

Outside of these emergency situations, wait times can still be an issue in public dentistry. These dentists tend to have large quotas of patients to see and treat in short spaces of time, limiting many dentists in the amount of time they can give to each individual patient. Not to mention how long you might have to wait for an appointment.

With a private dentist, you will have no such problem! The shorter patient lists limit the waiting times and mean that each specialist can give you all of their time, focus and energy so that your oral health will not suffer at all.

In closing, there is a greater variety of treatments available with private dentistry than you’ll find at a public clinic. Private dentists are likely to be more reliable in emergency situations and they will also have shorter waiting times for an appointment.  All in all, you can see why a private dentist might be the best choice for you!

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