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How To Make Science For Kids Fun

Science is a fascinating topic which can fuel a child’s natural curiosity and teach them about the world around them. If you’re a science lover yourself or just want to encourage your child’s interest, there are many activities you can try out together to nurture their love of learning and make science for kids fun.

For some tips on how to raise your child to be a science lover, take a look at the following advice from an independent school in Surrey.

science for kids

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Look To Nature

The natural world can provide endless opportunities for teachable moments and make science for kids exciting. Outdoor activities such as looking out for fallen leaves in autumn, or daffodils sprouting in springtime to teach your child about life cycles and the changing seasons. Rain and snow can inspire conversations about weather systems and temperature. You could even plant seeds together and watch them grow, whilst teaching your child about photosynthesis and the biology of plants.  Better still, these kind of activities help to reduce the amount of screen time your child has each day.

Field Trips

Taking day trips is a fantastic way to make science for kids both interactive and exciting. There are many science museums and observatories dotted around the country which are usually free to enter, making them an affordable option for families. They contain intriguing, hands on exhibits which will spark the interest of children of all ages.

Zoos and aquariums are another good option for a field trip, especially when teaching children about the natural world and opening up topics such as food chains and life cycles.

At Home Experiments

Children love activities that allow them to use their hands and get stuck in. Setting up practical experiments at home gives your child the opportunity to unleash their inquisitive nature and discover how things work firsthand. Teach your children about density by making a lava lamp with oil, water and food colouring, or learn about volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar. There are plenty of examples of inspiring home science experiments available online that your child will love, most of which require only simple household ingredients.

We hope these 3 simple suggestions have helped you to understand some easy ways to make science for kids fun.  You never know, you might have a little science lover on your hands!!

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