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Top Tips for Motivating Your Child to Learn

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Parents have a huge responsibility when it comes to motivating your child to learn. Involvement in your child’s learning and schooling is crucial and can actually help determine whether or not your child succeeds. By paying attention to their learning journey, you will encourage them to give it their all and therefore receive your praise. With that being said, you’re probably wondering what you can do to make sure your child has the right amount of motivation regarding their learning, especially during these difficult times. Read on for some advice from a private college in London.

motivating your child to learn

Support Your Child

Your child will require support from you throughout their academic journey, not just occasionally when timing permits. Motivating them might feel like a round-the-clock job, but its one that will be valuable to them and certainly worth your investment. Try and have some alone time with them every evening after school.  This will allow you to have conversations about their day and find out if they have any homework. You should also use it as an opportunity to make sure there is nothing they’re struggling with, whether that be schoolwork related or something more personal.

Its Okay To Ask For Help

Remind your child as much as you can that if they need additional help from you in any aspect of their life, you are more than happy to provide your assistance and help them overcome any hurdles. Ask them if they have all of the appropriate books, stationery and other equipment to finish their homework to a high standard. If they tell you about any of their achievements during this one-to-one time, such as a fantastic grade they received, be sure to praise them accordingly. Praise is great for encouraging children to repeat the same behaviour!

Focus On The Positives

In fact, you should always try and focus on the positives. As long as they tried their best on a piece of work or an exam, that’s good enough. Don’t punish them if they didn’t get a decent grade, as this will only add to the pressure they may already feel and make them feel insecure.

Be A Good Role Model

Aim to be a fantastic role model for your child when it comes to working hard. Have a positive attitude in relation to school and education and working hard in general. If your child thinks that you don’t respect the education system, then it’s doubtful that they will ever have any respect for it either. Try to be optimistic when talking about learning and show enthusiasm when learning something new.

Build Relationships With The Teachers

Finally, it might be wise to build strong relationships with your child’s teachers.  Not only to demonstrate to your child that you are invested in their learning but also to get some advice where needed on things like how to keep your child on the right track. It’s likely the teacher will be grateful for your feedback and teamwork.

We hope these top tips have helped you to consider ways for helping and motivating your child to learn. Being invested in your children’s learning from the outset will give them the best start to succeeding in life.

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  1. These are really great tips. My little brother has been homeschooled, and it has been a pain to get him to sit down and do the work. We find that the best way to do this is set the work out for him because otherwise, he found picking what lessons to do was overwhelming. Kids need the support, especially in this time! Thank you for the tips

    Em |

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