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Should I Encourage My Child to Learn an Instrument?

We all want our children to thrive both in and out of school. However, knowing how to help and how to encourage them to spend their time wisely is often a tricky pursuit. Extra-curricular activities in general are a fantastic way for young people to spend their free time, as they learn many key skills. So, if you’re unsure whether or not to encourage your child to learn an instrument, here’s some further advice and information from a pre-prep school in Surrey for consideration.


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Children who learn an instrument in their free time are automatically going above and beyond their academic obligations. This will serve them well when the time comes to start applying to universities and jobs. Showing that they have personal interests, along with the fantastic range of benefits developed through having a hobby, is always looked upon favorably by employers etc.


Learning an instrument will undoubtedly help your child with their confidence, which will benefit them across all other areas of life. By successfully learning a piece of music, and the praise that comes with performing in front of others, a child will enjoy a great self-esteem boost. A confident child will find it easier to tackle many of life’s challenges, from meeting new people to speaking up in class, or even when entering an exam room.


In addition to confidence, learning an instrument will help your child with their time management skills.  They will begin to understand how to juggle multiple commitments, from music practise to homework and playing with friends. They will also start to gather the importance of determination, as there will be times when they feel like giving up but will have to persevere, nonetheless.


Before your child starts to learn an instrument, you must ensure that it is truly something they’re interested in.  Its also equally important that they choose the instrument themselves. If they end up learning an instrument that they’re not passionate about, they won’t have any motivation to practise or to go to lessons and you will end up wasting both time and money.

We hope this advice and information has helped in your decision making process as to whether you should encourage your child to learn an instrument.  There can be many wonderful benefits from listening to music and learning to play music, however you must ensure that it is something your child is willing to commit to.

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