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How to Raise a Confident Child

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Confidence is a crucial quality that helps us navigate through life, both as a child and throughout adulthood. Therefore it is important to understand how to raise a confident child.  Take adults for example, if we have an interview for a new job, we need to be confident in our abilities in order to demonstrate to our potential boss that we’re a good fit for the role. When faced with social situations where we have to mingle and meet new people, being confident will help us chat to others and build new relationships.

When it comes to our kids, confidence is important because children are consistently faced with new experiences and challenges each and every day. I have teamed up with a Sixth Form in Hertfordshire to offer parents some advice on how to help raise a confident child.

confident child

Allow Some Independence

Start by letting your child have some independence. If they feel like they always have you hovering in the background when they’re trying to make decisions or behave in a particular way, they will never gain the confidence to go it alone. It can be difficult for parents to watch their children become progressively more independent as they grow up, but it’s absolutely essential for their development and ability to stand on their own two feet.

Helping your child become more independent can be as simple as giving them the space to play freely and without your supervision 24/7. What’s more, when it comes to things like homework try not to take over and do it all on their behalf. Instead, just point them in an appropriate direction and congratulate them when they reach the correct answer.

Set Small Tasks

Another way to raise a confident child is to try setting your child some small, attainable tasks to complete each day.  Like setting the table or helping with dinner. The objective here is to make your child feel like you trust them enough to give them responsibilities and allow them to feel in charge. This will help them find the confidence they need to tackle trickier tasks going forward.

In addition, the positive feedback they are given when successfully fulfilling a task will allow them to feel a sense of accomplishment and self-assurance. Try and refrain from praising your child when they don’t particularly deserve it, though, as this will weaken the meaning.

Speak to the School

If you need some further guidance on helping your child become more confident, it might be worth contacting your child’s school. You and the teachers have a common objective when it comes to your child, so don’t be afraid to get them involved with anything that concerning your child’s development.

We hope these tips have helped provide you with some guidance as to how to raise a confident child.  Instilling confidence in your child from an early age will help them to become a confident adult, allowing them to take on the world and achieve their dreams.

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