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How To Get Your Child to Talk About School

If you are unsure how to get your child to talk about school, don’t despair!  A few simple changes in the way you communicate with your child can encourage them to share more openly with you and helps them to build confidence.

Here are a few helpful strategies provided by an independent day school in Oxfordshire, to help you find the right communication methods for you and your child.

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how to get your child to talk about school


It is normal for children to feel tired after school and want to relax after a long day of learning. They may not feel like talking the minute you pick them up from school, so remember to give them time to unwind first. Perhaps you could prepare them a snack or let them spend some time in their bedroom before you talk about their day.


Try to ask your child questions that require more than just a yes or no response. For example, instead of:

Did you have a good day?

try …

What was the best thing you did at school today?

Phrasing your question the right way can encourage your child to give a more detailed answer.


Show a genuine interest in your child’s school life. Your child will want to open up more about what they have learnt and their achievements at school if they can see your enthusiasm. It is important to find the right time to have these conversations, where they will have your full attention, without interruption. At the family dinner table is often a good time for all the family to discuss everyone’s day.


Try to stay up to date on school activities by reading their newsletter and keeping an eye on the school calendar. It can be helpful to make your own family calendar so that you are well organised for key dates. This will also help you to ask specific questions about school events and demonstrate your interest in their school life.

We hope you have found these tips really useful as to how to get your child to talk about school.  Its a learning curve for everyone one in the family.  However, if you display good and open communication skills with your child, it will help them to feel confident to share their thoughts and feelings with you.

Let us know in the comments below any extra tips you might have about how to get your child to talk about school.

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