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Visiting Egypt As A Solo Female Traveller

A woman’s place is, without a doubt, wherever she wants to be. While the fight for a society where everyone has equal rights is progressing, solo female travel can be seen as a defiant act. You should not only take your safety into your own hands, but you should also be prepared for the thrill of traveling alone. So, what is it like to visit Egypt as a solo female traveller?

Egypt As A Solo Female Traveller

Egypt is a vibrant and monumental vacation destination where you can sense the old, the contemporary, and everything in between. It is a mix of ancient history, cultural adventure, and modern urbanity. Flying to Egypt is the most convenient method to visit the country. Interestingly, Egypt has a total of 26 airports! You can easily get cheap flights to Egypt through Ethiopian Airlines.

So, here are some interesting facts for solo female travellers planning a trip to Egypt!

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Appropriate Dressing

Wearing clothing that covers your shoulders and knees is a good example of wearing appropriate clothing. Because the desert heat will get to you, it’s best to carry looser-fitting clothing. Egypt is a staunchly conservative nation. If you wish to avoid unwanted attention, try to blend in with the crowd. Men in Egypt aren’t used to seeing women expose much skin in public, especially outside of the major cities. It’s usually a good idea to have a light scarf with you to cover your head, especially if you’re going into a mosque or other place where it’s required.

Find A Safe Hotel

If you’re travelling alone, look for hotels with security checks at all entrances that are usually regarded as safe. In reality, the nation is awash with secure, comfortable, family-owned three-star hotels where the staff are not just friendly and inviting, but also vigilant once they come to know you.

When going sightseeing, always have your hotel’s business card with you. If you get lost in a maze of streets and your Arabic isn’t very strong, it’s a quick and easy method to return to your hotel safely. Simply give the card over to any cab driver, and you’ll be on your way home in no time.

Transportation Advice For Solo Female

When travelling alone in Egypt as a woman, selecting the appropriate mode of transportation is critical. Sit in the rear seat of a cab or Uber and keep an eye on the map in the Uber app or Google Maps to ensure you’re going in the right direction. Instead of using a cab, I advocate utilizing Uber. In Cairo, it is thought to be a safer alternative.  Because Egypt is mostly a Muslim country, each streetcar or train’s front car is allocated solely for women. It’s an incredible experience to socialize only with local ladies who will
approach you and chat to you, shyly giggling.

Local Female Guides

Egypt As A Solo Female Traveller

Partnering with a native female tour leader is usually a smart option. While Egypt is generally a secure and friendly nation, it is not advisable to walk alone after dusk in some areas. It is thus preferable to go with a reputable local guide rather than alone at such times. They can also provide you with vital information about Egypt’s rich past.

Enquire at your hotel’s front desk or with your travel agency about where to look for one. In reality, for a little fee, you may hire a professional guide and driver who have thorough and extensive knowledge of Egyptology.

Walk & Act Confidently

The wisest policy is to ignore most verbal abuse. You’ll exhaust yourself if you reply to everyone, and public humiliation rarely yields satisfactory outcomes. Though you act as if you haven’t seen them, very few harassers will continue following or cat-calling you for more than a few meters. Persistent harassers are drawn to individuals who appear to have no idea what they’re doing. Walk and behave confidently. Because the majority of Egyptians working in tourism are men, you’ll lose out on some fantastic local encounters if you’re afraid to approach them.

Learn A Few Arabic Phrases

It is highly recommended that you learn a few basic Arabic words.  This will not only help you break the ice but will also make you sound more pleasant to the people. Before you go, learn the Arabic names of the tourist attractions you want to see. While Egyptians are famed for their friendliness and helpfulness, doing so will allow you to be more independent in your travels and avoid overbearing locals who insist on helping you.

Traveling Between Egyptian Cities

Egypt As A Solo Female Traveller

Depending on the city, the primary three modes of transportation between Egyptian cities are aircraft, trains, and boats. Tourists go to the Nile for cruises that vary in length, location, and cost. Although flying is a contemporary convenience, the sleeper train is the greatest option for budget tourists.

The train compartments are compact, but for the price of a first-class ticket that includes transportation, overnight lodging, and two airline-quality meals, they’re not bad. Countless films from passengers who have captured their stay on a sleeper train can be seen on YouTube. Before you go, watch a few of them to get a sense of what to anticipate.

Best Time to Visit Egypt

The ideal time to visit Egypt is greatly dependent on your objectives. If you’re coming from a cold region, Egypt can be a wonderful place to visit to get some winter sun, but it’ll probably be too cold to enjoy aquatic sports like swimming and diving, and hiking Mount Sinai may be impossible.

Summer temperatures, on the other hand, may be ideal for aquatic activities but too hot to appreciate other regions of the nation. Spring or fall may be the ideal season to visit Egypt if you’re searching for a sense of balance.

Join Tours

Joining day tours is probably the safest method to travel throughout Egypt. While group travel may not be for everyone, it is a fantastic way to see locations you may otherwise be hesitant to visit alone. At all times, you’ll be accompanied by knowledgeable guides, and you could even make some new friends by the end of the tour.

I hope after reading this you have got an idea about what it is like to visit Egypt as a solo female traveller and how to do so safely. May your solo trip to Egypt be a smooth and enjoyable one!

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