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My Top 5 Holidays of All Time

I thought it would be fun to share my top 5 holidays of all time and give everyone a little more insight into my travel history.  Essentially this list also reflects my fave places in the world, both for what they have to offer but also due to the many happy memories that I have made in each place.  So here we go, my top 5!
My Top 5 Holidays of All Time
Santorini, Greek Islands


My Top 5 Holidays of All Time | Wedding in SingaporeWe got married in Singapore almost 5 years ago.  When I tell people we were married in Singapore, their first question is normally whether Troy is from Singapore haha.  I just knew that I wanted to do something different (at the time it seemed like everything had been ‘done’ in Perth) and that I didn’t want to get married in Bali, because that is just not my thing.  I researched our eligibility to get married in Singapore and it was totally feasible.  We found a restaurant and I queried whether we could get married there and just like that, it was a done deal.  We had such a magical time with our family and friends who traveled from the UK and Australia – a destination wedding definitely spreads out the celebrations and gives you lots of time to enjoy the special occasion.  The wedding is probably worth a post of its own, so watch this space!

Santorini, Greek Island

My Top 5 Holidays of All Time | Santorini, Greek IslandsThis Greek Island had been on my travel bucket list for as long as I can remember as I had heard so many wonderful things and wow, it did not disappoint.  I cannot explain just how stunning this place is, the pictures seriously do not do it justice.  It was a super chilled holiday and I think it is a sign that I have totally relaxed when I don’t have to wash my hair or put on any makeup for a week.  If you need more convincing of why you you need to check out Santorini, read my previous post ‘Why Santorini is always a good idea … even with a baby‘.

Koh Samui, Thailand

My Top 5 Holidays of All Time | Koh Samui, ThailandI had a bee in my bonnet about going away somewhere wonderful for my 30th birthday – it seemed like a big milestone that needed to be celebrated.  Troy and I stayed in a luxe resort in Koh Samui and the whole week was divine … apart from the part where I got terrible wind burn on my lips after a day out on a boat and I looked like Bubba Gump – eeek!  It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places I have ever been in the world – the people are so friendly and the food is delicious.  I cannot wait until we can vacation back there as a family of three.

New York, USA

My Top 5 Holidays of All Time | Flat Iron Building, New YorkWe have been to New York many times.  I am still obsessed with this loud and crazy city and I think it is because I have the feeling that anything is possible in this part of the world.  We got engaged in New York and I will always have incredibly fond memories of that trip, but I would have to say that one of my favorite trips was over the Easter weekend in 2017 when we had recently relocated to the UK (we could potentially dub it our ‘baby moon’).  We had such a lovely time exploring on our own and eating loads (one of the benefits of being pregnant!).  I cannot even recall anything particularly memorable that we did on that trip, it was just a happy time for us.  Oh, and I think that is officially when we decided on Mackenzie’s name!

Nice, France

My Top 5 Holidays of All Time | Nice, FranceJust like New York, we have been to Nice plenty of times.  We are definitely not those people that once we have been to a place it is done.  In fact, I feel like most of our first trips are a bit of a recon mission so that we can make the most of the destination on our next trip there.  My most memorable time in Nice was for our honeymoon when we spent 2 weeks there.  We ate, drank, relaxed and did a few tourist bits – It is my happy place and I never wanted to leave!  Nice is probably not the most traditional honeymoon location and we stayed in an AirBNB vs hotel, meaning there was no room service and we had to clean up after ourselves, but it was absolutely perfect.

How does this compare to your list? Play along at home and leave a comment below with your top 5 trips of all time.  I think it is pretty clear from my list that I like to spend time next to the ocean, enjoying the sunshine with no real agenda.  I love a city break, but I am my happiest next to the sea.  Shell x

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