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Teaching Your Child to Resist Peer Pressure

Most children go through a phase of wanting to impress their friends and experiencing peer pressure.  Particularly as they get older and start to worry about what other people think of them. Unfortunately, this can sometimes get them into trouble and, even more often, distract them from their schoolwork. However, with the right support from people they trust, particularly their parents, they should be able to make it through fairly unscathed. Here’s some advice on helping your child avoid peer pressure from a boys’ school near Farnham Cross.

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Teach Your Child About True Friendships

Begin by teaching your child about the virtues of a ‘true friend’. For instance, a true friend would never force them to do something that makes them uncomfortable or pressure them into anything that could get them hurt or in trouble. It’s important to reiterate this message if your child ever talks to you about something going on at school that sounds like peer pressure. Teach your child good morals and that it’s perfectly okay to say no to someone.  They don’t always have to follow the crowd and copy what other people are doing in order to impress or for fear of being left out. Teach them how to make compromises as an alternative with phrases like:

No I don’t want to do that, how about we do this instead?

Assist Them to Build Self Esteem

Helping to build up your child’s self esteem from a young age will give them the confidence to stand their ground and stick up for themselves as they grow up and find themselves in tricky situations or the subject of peer pressure. There are lots of ways to help your child become more confident, such as:

  • giving them responsibilities around the house to improve their independence,
  • praising them where possible,
  • avoiding harsh punishments, and
  • encouraging social activities and skill building.

Establish a Strong Relationship with Your Child

Generally speaking, its good to try and build a strong relationship with your child so that they know they have your support no matter what. This will help give them the courage to resist peer pressure. Have regular one-to-one chats with your child and give them as much advice and guidance as possible, reminding them on a regular basis that they can trust you and that you love them no matter what. Contact the school if you have concerns that your child is being swayed by some of the other students.

Encourage Them to Always be True to Themselves

Children often want to fit in with their friends at school and are influenced by their friend’s interests and activities. While this is perfectly normal and a good way for them to try new hobbies, it’s important to encourage your child to always be true to themselves. If they like a video game or a T-shirt, for example, that their friend doesn’t, it’s important to teach them not to be discouraged by it. This will give them the confidence to try and do things for themselves and not for other people. Find a range of premium kids streetwear that is stylish but lets your child be original and not follow the crowd.

We hope these few tips have helped you to better understand ways you can teach your child how to resist peer pressure.  Unfortunately it is all a part of growing up, but with the right guidance and encouragement from you they will flourish in their friendships and school life.

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  1. Nice and very relevant post. With my two elder children, I just wanted them to be happy and healthy. I was so young and full of light peace and happiness. But life had it’s own destiny, and when I had another child many years later, I helped her learn the skills to be true to herself, and figure out how to be happy and healthy. Which was much better for a child.

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