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The Perfect Italian Wine and Cheese Pairings

Fancy trying some wine and cheese pairings but not sure where to start? It sounds like a rather fancy affair, doesn’t it? But the truth is, with a little guidance anyone can enjoy a wine and cheese night from the comfort of their own home.

So I am pleased to say you have arrived at the right place! In collaboration with Independent Wines, I have taken the homework out of the perfect wine and cheese night for you.  Below I have listed some excellent Italian wines with tasting notes and a selection of cheeses that perfectly compliments each one.  I have covered several wine varietals and therefore there is guaranteed to be something for everyone!wine and cheese pairings

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Sparkling White Wine

wine and cheese pairings

This Italian dry sparkling wine is pale yellow in colour and has been produced using méthode classique (i.e. the way they make Champagne). It has elegant aromas of ripe peach, hints of honey, butter, toasted bread and almonds. This wine is full bodied, tangy and fresh, with a long, elegant finish.
Pungent cheeses should match deliciously with this wine, such as:
  • Blue Cheese,
  • Epoisses,
  • Gorgonzola,
  • Roquefort,
  • Stilton, and
  • Taleggio
PS – Almonds will also be terrific.

Sparkling Rose Wine

wine and cheese pairings

Francone Valsellera | Sparkling Rosé Brut NV

A sparkling rose from Italy which is fresh, dry and a pale ruby colour. On the nose, it is fruity, with aromas of raspberry, wild strawberry, vanilla and toasted bread. A perfectly refreshing drop which is ideal on a warm day.

Pair this wine with delicate and nutty cheeses such as:

  • Brie,
  • Compte,
  • Gruyere,
  • Havarti, and
  • Mascarpone.

White Wine

wine and cheese pairings

Maturum Chardonnay 2017

Mention Chardonnay and many people will screw up their noses.  However this particular wine is likely to impress you with its complex flavors and intense aromas. Expect it to be light on the palate with notes of golden apple, vanilla and tropical fruits.

As this is an oaked Chardonnay, cheeses which would perfectly compliment this wine include:

  • Aged Cheddar,
  • Goats Cheese, and
  • Triple Cream Brie.

Red Wine

wine and cheese pairings

La Castellina – Squarcialupi Riserva 2015 

This Tuscan red wine is dry, with a deep ruby colour. It is a bold and full bodied wine which exhibits pronounced aromas of red plum, raspberry, blackberry, chocolate and cinnamon.

This Chianti Classico wine offers high acidity and velvety tannins.  Hence, hard aged cheeses will match perfectly such as:

  • Asiago,
  • Parmesan,
  • Pecorino, and
  • Toscano.

Preparing Your Platter

When preparing for your wine and cheese pairings, I also suggest putting together a platter to accompany your tasting.  Think simple foods that don’t take a lot of effort to prepare – all you need to do is arrange them on a plate.  They can also act as a great palate cleanser and help to line the stomach!  Some of the staples required to make a delicious platter include:

  • Cold cut meats,
  • Assortment of nuts,
  • Fresh and dried fruits,
  • Marinated olives,
  • Bread and crackers,
  • Dips or chutneys, and
  • Something small but sweet.

wine and cheese pairings

And if you are feeling really adventurous, why not finish off your wine and cheese pairings with a tipple of limoncello.

About Independent Wines

Independent Wines offers premium wines, predominantly from Italy, from their online wine shop. The wines available have been expertly hand selected from ethical and fair trade vineyards.  And best of all, they offer next day UK delivery – what more could you want?

So there you have it, the perfect Italian wine and cheese pairings.  We hope it has provided you with a little inspiration to try out your own wine and cheese pairing at home.  Let me know what is your favorite wine and cheese combination in the comments section below.  Because we all know that there is nothing better than an evening filled with good food, great wine and excellent company.  Enjoy – Shell x

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