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8 Stylish Baby Bags for Every Mum

I really struggled to decide on a baby bag (and I still refuse to call it a nappy bag – in my mind I am cooler than that!).  I find lots of them to be bulky and ugly and definitely not something I wanted to be seen carting around with me.  In the first year as a new mum you will use this bag every day, so it is worth some thought and investment.  I encourage you to think outside of the box when you are choosing your baby bag and not to commit to the status quo because you think you should.  And hey, if it is not a traditional baby bag then you can continue to use it for years to come.  In fact I accidentally bought a Coach baby bag some years ago as a bag to use as a travel carry-on and didn’t even realize – it wasn’t until later when I found the changing mat inside! Here are a few of my fave stylish baby bags to inspire all you trendy mums.

8 Stylish Baby Bags for Every Mum

#1: Mimco Waver Baby Bag

Stylish Baby Bags

Mimco is an Australian favorite brand and I know many mummies to be love these bags.  They come in a range of beautiful colors and are excellent quality.  Whilst I didn’t opt for the baby bag, I bought a Mimco backpack to carry around Mackenzie’s things and I wore it to death.  Mimco now also offer a baby backpack with convenient features such as a change mat and insulated pockets.

#2: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM

This bag is a popular staple for many ladies whether for traveling, mum things or everyday life.  The patterns are very iconic, you can fit A LOT in them and the leather is super durable.  Whilst it is an investment to buy this piece I can comfortably say that you will enjoy many years of use from it.

#3: Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Tote Bag

I bought this bag as a travel bag before becoming a mum but now I use it quite frequently when I have lots of bits to carry.  There is a reason that they are so popular with their sleek and lightweight design and a huge array of colors.  My French friends also tell me that these were the holy grail of school bags as a teenage girl in France!

#4: Chanel Backpack

Be the hippest Mum in town with this Chanel backpack.  I found a backpack to be much easier to carry around whilst Mackenzie was young as it didn’t slip off my shoulder or get in the way of holding her on my hip.  This particular one would obviously be a very special treat, but perhaps you could subtly suggest it as your push present – you deserve it after all!

#5: Moschino Changing Bag

Stylish Baby Bags

I cannot even deal with how cute this bag it.  There is no denying that it is a baby bag, but it is very stereotypical Moschino with the big bold character. Break the mold and stand out from the crowd with this great bag.

#6: Dior Book Tote

This bag appears to be the must have bag of the season and I lost track of how many times I spotted it in Miami.  Whilst it looks like something that your nanna might keep her knitting needles in, I still love it!  It would be super convenient to throw all of your baby bits and bobs into, and I think you would get many years of use from this beauty.

#7: Marc Jacobs Elizababy

I have been a fan of Marc Jacobs bags for a long time and proudly sport a few in my collection.  This design is classic and understated and I’m pretty sure your baby daddy won’t object to carrying it around when it is their turn to ‘babysit‘.

#8: Burberry Watson Bag

Stylish Baby Bags

I couldn’t complete my stylish baby bags list without something from Burberry.  As I mentioned above, I really liked using a backpack and this purpose made baby bag looks ideal.  The stunning sleek black design and iconic check print inside means it is super stylish whilst also being very convenient.

If you opt for a nontraditional baby bag, why don’t you consider buying something like The Nappy Society Insert to make your life a little bit easier?  If you are anything like me, you hate foraging around in your bag looking for whatever you need.  So buy one of these little beauties and never be unorganized again!

Be sure to let me know which one of these stylish baby bags is your fave below – in the meantime I will be hiding my credit cards so I’m not tempted to buy a new bag. And if you want to keep reading on at Wander & Luxe, head to my post about “How to Feel Sexy After Motherhood“.

All opinions in this article are my own and no products have been sponsored or are affiliate links, I simply wanted to share the love and provide some inspiration.  Happy shopping, Shell x


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