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The Importance of The Arts in School

Have you ever wondered what is the importance of the arts in school? Art allows children to tap into their creative side, whether it be through music, painting, drama or dance. Far from being just an optional embellishment to the curriculum, the arts are a vital element of education which enables students to express themselves and develop their sense of individuality.

To find out more about the importance of the arts in school, take a look at the following insights from an independent school in Hertfordshire.

importance of the arts in school

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Creativity & Self Expression

What makes the arts so different from other school subjects is the fact that they allow children to nurture their creativity and express their individuality. Creativity helps us be better problem solvers and more innovative thinkers.  Therefore, cultivating creativity through artistic pursuits is an essential part of education and a child’s development. Children can let their passions and interests lead them as they explore artistic mediums, developing their sense of self and allowing them to express their feelings and identities through the art they create.

Personal Development

Exploring creativity and unearthing undiscovered passions helps children to grow in confidence. Performance art such as music, dance and drama help children build self-esteem as they are encouraged to showcase their talents in front of an audience. The praise and validation that comes with performing in front of others will nurture a child’s self-belief and can encourage shy children to step out of their comfort zones.

Brings Topics to Life

Another importance of the arts in school is that they have the ability to bring academic topics to life and engage children of various learning styles. Exploring difficult concepts visually can help make them easier to understand, reaching students who may otherwise find it difficult to engage with certain core subjects.

History can be explored by examining the paintings, music and literature created throughout the ages, helping children to understand the culture of the time and connect to the subject matter on a deeper level. Art can be integrated into maths lessons to help develop pattern recognition and spatial reasoning, and science lessons can be brought to life by creating papier mache models of the solar system and volcanoes.

We hope this blog post has helped you understand a little more about the importance of the arts in school. There are so many wonderful benefits of participating in the arts whilst at school and hopefully it is something your children can enjoy.

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